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We are often asked about how to autorun files on a mac and have produced this information page.
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Creating autorun CDs on a mac which need to run on a PC

Information on autorun.inf is available at

When creating an autorun.inf file ensure that the autorun.inf file is saved in PC format.
Note that an autorun.inf file which is saved as a mac file will not work.
This is because mac end of line characters are different from PC end of line characters.

Creating autorun files for a mac


It is possible to create CDs which contain Dos/Windows (ISO 9660) and Mac (HFS) files: often called hybrid CDs.

Macs are unable to use the AutoPlay (autorun.inf) facility which works on PCs but there is a Mac facility called AutoStart which works if QuickTime 2.0 or later is installed and AutoStart is enabled.

If you will need to write discs with Macintosh files on them, it is probably preferable to work on a Macintosh.

Toast software from Roxio, (Buy Toast software), enables hybrid CDs to be created. Learn how.

How to disable autoplay on a mac

These instructions show how to disable autoplay on a Macintosh.

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