autorun files on a PC

autorun problems and FAQ

After writing a CD there are a small number of reasons why the CD might not autoplay.

We recommend that you download and write our three files to CD and confirm these work prior to writing your own files.

The autorun facility is turned off

It is possible for the autorun facility to be turned off.
However, if other CDs autoplay then this is not the problem with your CD.

The following links provide information on how to enable or disable automatically running CD-ROMs

Problem with autorun.inf

Ensure that the file specified within autorun.inf is the same as that you've written to CD.
Note that a file defined as start.htm within autorun.inf will NOT autorun a file called start.html on your CD.

Changes to the format of autorun.inf can cause it not to work.

This is an example of an autorun.inf file containing two lines:
open=starterfile.exe start.htm

If you are using a Mac ensure that autorun.inf is saved as a PC file.

Filenaming problems

Check that your files are called autorun.inf starterfile.exe and that the filename of the webpage (or other file) you want to autorun is identical to that specified in autorun.inf

Note that some people have experienced problems with downloading files because files have been renamed often with .txt extensions.

Problems with corrupted downloads

It is possible that the download of files was not completed successfully .

If you run Finjan this seems to interfer with the download of starterfile.exe and cause it not to work. To overcome this turn Finjan off, download starterfile.exe, turn Finjan on.

Problems with file associations

StarterFile will try to autoplay the file specified with autorun.inf.
This is done using the application associated with the file extension of the file.
If an application is not, or incorrectly, associated then nothing will happen.

You can check with application is associated with a file by using Windows Explorer and double clicking on the file.

Registered version produces popup dialog

The registered version does not produce a popup dialog box before automatically autoruning the specified file.

However, if you have written the unregistered version to CD and then downloaded the registered version it is possible that you a writing a cached version of the original unregistered version to CD. Turing off your PC should resolve this.

Another option is to search and delete all instances of starterfile.exe and then download the registered version again.

Autorun and Apple Mac

StarterFile and the autorun.inf facility do NOT work on Macs.
However, it is possible to autorun files on Macs.

Autorun and files called home

Do NOT try to autorun any files which begin with "home"

Files which begin with home have a special significance. For example, a file called home.htm will be autorun as http://home.htm rather than a local file called home.htm. This also appears to be the case with all filenames which begin with home, e.g. homestart.htm, so avoid using these.

One workaround is to have StarterFile autorun a file called start.htm which does an immediate redirect to the file you want to start such as home.htm. Alternatively, copy the filename you want to autorun to start.htm.

You could also create start.htm and have it redirect to another page.
Find out how to to an immediate redirect to another webpage

These workarounds can be useful if the website you want to write to CD has hundreds of pages which link to such as page. We're not sure why this Microsoft undocumented feature exists to stop files which begin with the word home from working correctly.

Autorun and word .doc files

We recommend that Word .doc files are not autorun.

While this can work well on some PCs on others it can lockup the PC when word exits.